Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

Wow -- it's been a while since I actually posted the pics that were taken on the SAME day! Hope everyone had a great weekend! (I didn't have my camera while we were at Babe's and Poppy's. Hopefully Aunt Clancy will have a few I can take from her blog) :)

The kiddos in their festive gear (except for Darbs --she was ready to go on the boat -- in the "kini" she picked out!)
Pappa -- oops, didn't quite get that sunscreen rubbed in!

Unkie playing with Darbs. She usually puts up a good fight!
biting her toe

geared up and ready for a boat ride!

after the boat ride and piling up with Bebe

DK was giving Unkie a pedicure

Aunt Rara and Belle Ann

at the church with some friends

Miss Carrie won the best set up award -- she attracted all the little ones!

Yes. That's the dress we wrestled over -- I know. It's cute -- why didn't Darbs think so?
Holding onto Daddy during the fireworks

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  1. I LOVE IT! The pics of her hiding her face in Trevor are priceless! She is growing up -- can't beleive you are already on number two....... I thought we still had a few more years!!!!!!!!