Monday, August 3, 2009


This week is busy and crazy........we didn't get off to a great start either this morning. Trevor woke me up around 5am saying that he was having pains in his abdomen. He has had this same thing twice before, and we are thinking it is possibly his gallbladder. He is going later on today for an ultrasound -- so, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

We have meetings, trips to the doctor, baby shopping prep in LR, Kiwanis chicken dinner, parties and watermelon festival events to tie up the rest of the week -- not to mention all of the house stuff as well -- so, I have a feeling this week will rush right on through. That is, if everything with Trev is okay. I know surgery is the last thing he wants, but whatever he needs to get better is what we've got to do!

I think I am actually caught up on pics pretty much. After the b-day party, I didn't do so great with taking pictures -- but here are a few recent ones. Darby Kate has the cutest personality these days. She is really expressing herself and letting us know EXACTLY what she wants (and when she wants it -- which is usually pronto!) She is very loving, but still has that shy side around those she doesn't know very well. She loves to run and hop, hop, hop around. I love it when she comes up to me and grabs me around the neck and says "I doshu, Mommy. I doshu!!" ( I got you, mommy. I got you!) She pronounces "okay" similar to a character we all know and love (Buckwheat) -- "otay" -- it's too cute! She requests certain foods and is no longer tricked by substitutes. The dressing situation is somewhat improved (however now that it is in black and white, I'm sure that will change). If I give her two options and she gets to pick -- things usually turn out okay. Bedtime is so-so. She has put up a fight a night or two, and usually throws in several stall tactics. I knew that one week of her sleeping 13-14 hrs a night would be short-lived.

Hope everyone has a great day!

This is that face where she is saying "no mommy, no mommy, no mommy, NO!" She says it in a rhythmical pattern -- it's kind of cute.

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  1. Is there no end to the depth and bredth of Darby Kate's cutness and beauty? I'm beginning to see the importance of attractive grand parents and the resulting beauty of said grand child! :) Dud