Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Watermelon Festival

Sorry to leave you hangin' on my last post regarding the Hub's health..........he had the ultrasound done last week and they did NOT find any stones. It was kind of funny when we walked back to get the test done. The tech was asking if we were ready to find out what we were having. We had to let them know that Hot Coffee was the patient in this case. He was referred to a gastroenterologist for further testing. He will see them in a couple of weeks. The Hubs seems to be feeling better though -- so, we will take that as a good sign!

I am at 37 1/2 weeks now...feeling pretty good. This past weekend was rather busy with festival activities. My parents brought the twins and GB down for the Melon Mile and a little festival fun. Sugar participated in her first Melon Mile, too! She was not thrilled to wear her race number, or run the whole way. This did surprise me a little. She loves to run, and when we were having the run/walk clinic she came to the track and walked .5 mi no problem. (the melon "mile" is actually .6 of a mile) ANYWAY -- Daddy was there to help her out. After the race it seemed like she ran EVERYWHERE and she would say (Mommy -- I'm runnin'!!!!) When we got back to our house we chowed down on some fajitas. The Hubs took off to play in the golf tournament in town. Saturday night we went with the office staff to the Tracy Byrd concert. Thanks to Earletta, we had great seats and had a fun time! He was really good live -- I ended up knowing way more songs than I thought I would.

Sunday.........I turned 33! I can't believe I'm 33. It's hard to say out loud. I still feel like I just finished college. Oh well........carpe diem!! The Hubs had breakfast delivered (thanks Babe, the SIL and ML), we enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Babe's and Poppy's house, and for dinner he grilled a whole chicken (delicious!). We are going to Texarkana tonight for a birthday dinner as well. ( can tell what this preggo girl likes) He also got us tickets for a show in Texarkana in November. Thanks Hot Coffee!!! Oh and to add to the birthday food celebrations -- we are also having one tomorrow night at my parent's house. I am NOT going to want to step on the scale on Friday!!!

The 10th was Unkie and RaRa's 7th Anniversary (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!)

Next doctor's visit is on Friday.......we'll see what Baby C2 is up to!!

The Baker Crew

Doesn't this face just scream "I'm having a wonderful time!" HA!

Daddy giving a little help to make it back to the finish line

after race rewards......melon!!!

she's actually trying to pick out the seeds instead of swallowing them!

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