Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We Have a Chrysalis!

I wondered if anyone saw the title of this post and thought we may have a new baby named Chrysalis. Sorry to disappoint! :) But, we do actually have a chrysalis -- on Sunday, Marlon gave us a caterpillar. Darbs calls it a "pillar" (it is too cute). Unfortunately, I never took a picture of "Yummy" (that's what she and Babe came up with to name it) while in caterpillar form. We fed Yummy some leaves from a milkweed plant. I was definitely impressed with Yummy's appetite! That little pillar can eat! When I left this morning, Yummy had made it's way up to the top of the bug cage (just as Miss Marlon told us it would), formed a little J with it's body, and was starting to spin it's little web thing at the top. BUT, it was still totally exposed. A few hours later when I got home, Yummy was completely encased in it's Chrysalis! I was very impressed. I attempted to take a picture this time, but my camera would not focus on anything but the container that Yummy is hanging out in. I'm not sure how to do links on here either, but if you search Monarch Butterfly chrysalis (I know, you can't click on this, but it looks like you can!) it looks just like the picture! Nature is amazing! Marlon told us that Yummy would turn black, and soon emerge from his Chrysalis as a beautiful butterfly, or in Darb's words, a "fly". Very exciting stuff. I have to be careful with Darby Kate getting too close to Yummy in it's delicate state. The little cage has a string that she can put around her neck, and she is not too gentle with it. Yummy is literally hanging on by a thread, and we don't want to do anything to jeopardize Yummy's development. :)

No changes today as far as Baby C2 goes. Still nothing decided last night as Trevor and I both had our noses in baby name books. I'm semi-freaking out about that fact. Oh dear. I can't believe this baby is soon to be here and has NO NAME!!!! HELP!!!!!

These pictures were taken today. Her little expressions crack me up. I love this little girl!

telling me something serious

saying, "CHEESE!!!!!"

giving "Miss" a hug before she goes home
"Bye, Miss!"

styling her hat and glasses
this whole time she was saying, "cheese, Mommy" --- but, would never look at me!


  1. I absolutely LOVE each and every one of these pics!


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