Thursday, October 1, 2009

Five Weeks!!!

Here we are.....another week has gone by and our baby girl is FIVE weeks old! She is doing great! She is so, so sweet. Darby Kate is a wonderful big sis -- she helps me out a lot these days! She cracks me up when she holds Jorgia -- she sings her songs (sometimes we understand the words, sometimes not). Then, she usually wants to hoist her up to her shoulder -- and, usually does a pretty good job (help is always right there, though). I sure do love my two girls -- oh, the fun we're gonna have!!!

Mom came to visit us yesterday. We had an at-home photo session with Miss Jorgia. Upon first attempt, Jorgia said NO WAY! Later in the afternoon she was a little more agreeable. Mom has the pics of Darbs -- I'll have to get those from her soon.

Now I know why I take my girls to someone to have their picture made! Jorgia is pretty much in the same position for all of the pictures! AND, the lighting was not that great.........etc., etc. Oh well -- I think she is as cute as a button!

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  1. Jorgia is just a doll. As is Darby Kate. I'm so impressed that you're blogging away with 2 little ones!!