Thursday, October 22, 2009

8 Weeks!!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love being a mom? It really is a joy and a blessing! Little Miss Jorgia is quickly approaching 2 months! WOW -- she is doing wonderfully well -- eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping. Just this past week we had to break out the gas drops. She was perfectly fine during the day on both occasions, and then during the last feeding of the day -- she was fussy, and just really seemed like she was having a tummy ache (poor little thing). ANYWAY -- we gave her a dose -- she seemed to calm down a bit -- and then she slept from 10:30 to 8:00 in the morning! What a little angel! She has had several more all-night sleeps -- I attribute it to the swaddling only at night -- it seems to work miracles!! She is cooing and smiling a lot more these days. It cracks me up when she really tries hard to talk -- she raises (shrugs) both shoulders at the same time as she says her (oooh) sound -- it really is cute!!

Darby Kate is staying a busy little bee. She is running around in all directions. Her new phrases include: "see ya soon!"; "be right back"; and one that is not a favorite because it comes in many sassy tones, "I TOLD YOU!!". Not quite sure where that last one came from, but she doesn't realize what she is saying. I'll ask her, "you told me what?" and she will just say, "I told you". It comes in many different volumes and she emphasizes it differently depending on her mood. What am I going to do with that girl? (besides love her to pieces????!!?)

This weekend is a busy one for us. It's Henderson's homecoming, so off to Arkadelphia we go. I'll be helping out with the Red Wave alumni stuff on Friday night and Saturday morning, and then before the game -- my Dad will be receiving a big award -- The "H" award!!! It is to recognize someone for their service and commitment to the university. Congrats, Dad!!

Once again, only a few pics from the week -- gotta take them when I get the chance!! :)

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