Thursday, October 15, 2009

Seven Weeks!!

What a week! I wish I didn't wait so long to post about the previous weekend -- I forget details that at the time I just know I would or could NEVER forget! ANYway -- we made the journey to Fayetteville.......and, we had a wonderful adventure. There were definitely some stressful times, but like I told Trev -- I compare it to a workout. There are good times, tough times, times when you feel good, times when you don't......but, when it's all said and done -- you are glad you did it! The hotel stay was our first one-room stay with all of us in there. We carried two pack 'n plays -- guess how many were actually used. You got it -- zero. The first night Darbs did great with her bedtime routine, she said night-night and I layed her down in her little "cage". About 1.2 seconds later, I look over and she is standing up. Then came the tears. Of course she stayed in our bed that night. And the next. I just wanted to try and see how it would go. Now we know. It takes two separate rooms for that girl to stay in her bed!! We also got in later than usual, and Darby Kate had about half the amount of sleep she is used to. Can we say TERROR the next day -- yep, that describes her to a tee. I wasn't too sure how we were going to make it through a morning and afternoon tailgate PLUS ballgame time in between. Luckily -- she passed out towards the end of halftime and slept through most of the third quarter. What a mess!! She refused to wear her jacket or gloves -- poor thing -- her teeth were just a chattering away while she called those HOGS!!

Jorgia -- let's just say she was a trooper!! She traveled great on the way there and on the way home (no stops for feedings!! -- from Arkadelphia) In the hotel -- we put her up on a little table/bench while she was in her basket, and she slept great! I will say on Saturday night I thought we were going to have to break out the gas drops. We even made the trip to the Walmart Pharmacy. BUT, once we got back to the room -- I discovered she had a really dirty dipe -- this surprised me b/c I couldn't tell she had one (smell free believe it or not! :) ) ANYWAY -- once the diaper was changed -- she was fine. CRAZINESS!!

SO -- this is a little hard to follow -- I know. My brain just does not work in an orderly fashion anymore. To sum it all up, our weekend consisted of road travel, eating at the Mellow Mushroom (very good by the way), a little shopping, eating at Shogun's, ColdStone Creamery, Hotel Stay, Ballgame, Tailgating, and dinner with Brad and Whitney Saturday night. WHEW!! We were pretty tired when we went to pick up the puppies in Arkadoo. There, we enjoyed some pickin' and grinnin' and hot dogs!!

I am looking forward to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure this weekend. Unfortunately, I am not in good enough shape to run. Getting back in shape has been a SLOW process for me. I am very grateful that I'm able to run these days, but with the combo of all this RAIN...........oh, excuses, excuses. I know. I will try and do better is all I can say...........

Well, it's late for now -- I have much more to share about Darbs and Jorgia.........I will save it for another day. I am so thankful and feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family!!

Oh yeah -- this first picture reminds me of our current issue with Miss Jorgia. She is in no way interested in taking a bottle! We've tried all the tricks we know (which is not much) -- she refuses!! I'm getting a little stressed -- wondering if she will EVER be interested (especially when one article I read online stated, "some babies NEVER take a bottle"). I know there are much worse things to be stressed about, but..............we shall see...........we will keep trying! Any tips out there would be greatly appreciated!

this was Jorgia's first ATTEMPTED bottle -- things look like they're going well, but soon after the bottle touched her lips -- she got REALLY upset!!

The pics from the Fayetteville weekend, well, they were basically non-existent. We had to keep little Jorgia bundled up! (she also decided to have a major blow-out while in her Razorback attire -- oh me oh my!!)

Darbs had a little too much of the sweet stuff -- we were just trying to keep this girl happy!!

yum yum -- a Blue tootsie roll!

Believe it or not - this is our first family photo! Pretty sad, huh? Darb's did NOT want to take a pic, Jorgia was covered up, I look rather puffy, and Trev -- he's lookin' good!! :)

sweet, sweet, Jorgia!! Happy 7 weeks, sweet girl!!

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