Wednesday, October 28, 2009

9 Weeks!!

We have a little one that is now officially TWO months! The sad thing is -- I didn't really think about it until about 10:30pm on the 27th. I know -- I'm a terrible mom! Don't worry -- I told her happy b-day!

We've had another busy and fun week. We are steadily making decisions and preparations for the new house. It's coming along, but come on -- must we have record rain the year we are building our house? Seriously, will it EVER stop?!? We are getting a break today, but it's suppose to rain the next couple of days. My goodness!!!!

We went to Arkadelphia this past weekend for Henderson's homecoming festivities. It definitely was a whirlwind between getting food prepped and transported here and there, feeding and dressing kiddos, packing and would of thought we were going and staying for a week by the looks of our Tahoe. I couldn't believe all the stuff we took for a one-night stay (and yes, we needed every bit of it! :) ). It was fun seeing everyone, and we enjoyed beautiful weather on Saturday (a true blessing -- it really would have been impossible with rain and two little ones!) We were able to see Dad receive his "H" award -- congrats again, Dad! Afterwards, we got together at mom and dad's for some of Trev's venison chili and other treats. The kiddos were all dressed in their Halloween shirts that Bebe made them. We actually got a few pics of all of them together (I still need to get them from mom). Darby Kate was suffering from "Sugar Psychosis", so I didn't get a great shot of her with her full outfit on!

On Tuesday, I took Darbs to Storytime at our public library. This week they dressed up and had cupcakes and juice boxes for a little Halloween fun. I didn't have my camera with me, but she looked Super cute as "Super Girl". I can't remember if I've already spoken of the outfit she and Trev picked out at the store (the Stephanie girl character from "Lazy Town"? Pink dress and pink hair.........and she also picked out a pink bucket........) ANYWAY -- I knew she wouldn't wear her pink hair for more than 2.2 seconds, so, I picked up the Super Girl outfit. It was cute and it did not require a head piece. She really like it. She has been the youngest one at storytime since we've been going. She does okay -- still a little young for the attention span to make it the whole time. They listen to a few stories and usually do a little craft. It's really cute. I usually help her out with the craft -- IF she allows it! :)

Jorgia is being her adorable little self. She has decided to get up in the night some this week. I thought we had her sleeping through the night, but she let me know otherwise. I don't mind though -- she is so sweet and wonderful -- and PRECIOUS!! She is just cooing away and grinning up a storm. She started sleeping in her room/office/guest bedroom (poor child) around 6 weeks. I would put her in her Moses basket IN the crib. She has outgrown her "bucket". Now she is sleeping just in her crib. What a big girl!!! I think I'm going to have to change to a swaddle with velcro though, because most of the time when I go in to get her, she has worked her way out of the swaddling blankets -- she is getting so strong!

Here are the pics from the week.................

I pretty much cropped the Bumbo out of the picture, but Jorgia was in her Bumbo for the first time..........

This was when she was ready to get out!!

Darbs sporting her Henderson gear

Jorgia was wearing hers too, PLUS a big spit-up! (and we didn't lose the sock!) -- she looks like a little boy in this picture.......where's that bow when ya need it! :)

an attempted Family photo

what a gorgeous day!!

gotta love those cheeks!

my handsome hubby

Dad -- right before he received his award

Proud Pappa!!

This was really the best I could get of Darb's outfit. Bebe made the shirt -- too cute, huh?

Beautiful Baker gals -- Bebe made their shirts too!

I'm tellin' ya -- DK would NOT stand still!

our sweet baby girl

Bebe made these shirts, too --but, I couldn't get a pic of them together that day.......

precious smile!

so............I had to get one of Darbs when I had the chance! (Sorry Darby Kate!)


  1. These pictures are wonderful! Thanks so much for including Poppa's award picture! Saturday was a great day all around (except the Reddies lost).

    Mom (Bebe)

  2. Great pictures! I cannot believe that sweet baby girl is 8 weeks old! Where does the time go? Love the shirts your mom made! Congrats to your dad...what an honor!