Thursday, November 5, 2009

10 Weeks!!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! I know we did -- it was so much fun to watch Miss Darby Kate! She really enjoyed everything this year. She went out and about with Dixie, Clancy and Maggie during the day on Saturday. She learned real quick how to say "TRICK OR TREAT!!" AND had no problem picking out candy. Of course, she often picks things she is unable to have (peanut allergy) -- so, she has to try try again! I'm kind of strict with the candy intake -- a couple of times she has woken up in the mornings asking for candy. I have to tell her........"after breakfast.........after lunch" or whatever. That girl does NOT forget about it either. Also, potential candy is often taken away due to misbehavior. That gets her going in the right direction real quick!

Speaking of behavior..........some have said the "3's" are more challenging than the "2's". Okay, that scares me somewhat. This girl is a little pistol!! I tell her all the time she is so SPICY!! It is definitely a work in progress........parenting is NOT easy!!!! It's hard because she can be so sassy one minute, and so sweet the next. Their emotions are on a never ending rollercoaster (along with hormonal mamma's). What to do, what to'em lots, right?

Darby Kate's popular phrases of the week:
"No WAY!"
"See you soon!"
"I dude it" (I do it -- this one is staying with us)
"No problem"
"I MEAN it!!"
"I told you!!"

Her sweetest one is "I miss you" (she says this in place of "I love you" (I think)). She really is a doll 75% of the time. :)

Jorgia continues to grow at an exceedingly rapid rate -- I can't emphasize that enough! She is so sweet and precious. She has given us a couple of all-nighters this week which I am totally appreciative of. The bottle situation: she is now taking about 30 minutes to take in around 2 ounces. Improvement. Initially, it was two hours for two ounces. We will keep working. "Miss" is very patient and helps us so much!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend -- GO HOGS GO!!

Jorgia in her tub in the big bath
Darbs is right there helping "Miss"

too sweet -- she loves her "Miss"

love that over-the-shoulder pose!

Darbs calls pumpkins "pumpins" -- too cute!

I took monthly pics with DK, too -- one day I will compare them all...........not today though!

this was after the adventure with Babe, Clancy and Mags -- she was worn out!!

photo session with the girls -- not perfect, but documented!!

big squeeze!!
Our little Super Girl and Ice Cream Cone!

Look at Miss Penny's eye lashes!!

hittin' up the neighbors

I can't believe my tiny little girl is big enough to trick or treat!
making the rounds with cousin Mags

Coming out of her Cone

sneaking in another bite of "Chockit" (chocolate)

I need to find a pic of DK in this outfit -- they favor to me right here

FINALLY -- we got Darbs this Fat Boy bean bag last Christmas. This was the first time she passed out in it. I thought that would be automatic when she first got it! (yeah, right!)


  1. The cutest ever! Great pics, great subjects! Dud

  2. Wonderful pics of very, very special little girls! Great job of photography, too!


  3. Cute pictures Jodi! Love the costumes...the ice cream cone was too cute! You sure have two cuties!

  4. Your pictures are so cute! They are both so beautiful!!