Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Six Weeks!!

I know I say this EVERY time, BUT.........I can't believe Miss Jorgia will be six weeks old tomorrow!! I'm trying to post this a little early because I know tomorrow may be a little hectic. This whole week has been a little on the hectic side. "Miss" has been out sick -so - I have been trying to improve my domestic skills (progress is extremely slow!) I've really enjoyed the time with the girls, but as far as the house goes......well, let's just say I'm trying!!

I know I title these posts with however many weeks old Jorgia is, but most of the pictures this time are of Darby Kate. There is no method to this mama's madness -- I guess I'm hoping to have at least 52 posts when Jorgia turns one. ANYWAY -- Jorgia continues to eat, sleep, eat, sleep, and occasionally have some up time. She is giving us some beautiful smiles, and is just as sweet as she can be! She slept ALL night again last night -- we are not consistent with this yet -- but, when it's great!!

Darby Kate continues to crack me up daily. It amazes me the things she remembers, and the little phrases she picks up when I don't know it (that can be a scary thing, huh?). She is getting to be such a big girl -- I want her to slow down just a bit. She is doing fabulo-so with her potty training. Even with Trev and me - so, that's major progress. Still wakes up with a wet diaper, but hopefully that will improve with time.

We are headed to Fayetteville this weekend for our first Razorback game as a fam of four -- wish us luck!!! :)

Marlon was kind enough to bring us another "pillar". The first one came out of the chrysalis while we were away having Jorgia. We were home this time to see our butterfly -- and Darby Kate was able to let our "fly" FLY!!!

the poor thing was afraid to come out -- we tried different positions to see if it would crawl/fly out


we finally just picked it up and set it down on some grass

we came back after Darbs got dressed and it was still there! I put the "fly" on Darb's shoulder
this was a cool pic -- it looks as though Darbs is giving the butterfly sugars
she ran all around that day -- she loves to run!

she's holding the butterfly in this one

at some point -- the poor butterfly acquired a torn wing......I'm afraid it was during one of the times DK was transporting the butterfly to and fro

and we all fall down!

we went to a birthday party this last weekend -- it was lots of fun!!

DK painted this way a lot -- without even looking!
they went on a fun hayride!

Jorgia was passed around a little bit.......she looks so big to me in Miss Kelly's arms

too cute!

it was a Pink Pumpkin Party -- so creative!

Darbs decided she needed a hat this day....

then switched to the headband


Jorgia looks like she is thinking...."what in the world is going on?"

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