Thursday, November 19, 2009

11 AND 12 Weeks!!

Where has the time gone these last couple of weeks?!? It really seems as though we have been going nonstop!! I have missed my weekly posts, but do have the pictures and a sketchy outline of what we have been up to. As I've said before, when I don't report immediately after the event -- things become a little blurry (Mommy Brain Syndrome). BUT -- rest assured -- we have been having fun and going ninety-to-nothin'!! We have celebrated several things -- Dixie's birthday was on the 11th, Trev's was on the 13th, and Miss Jorgia was Christened on the 15th.

We went to the South Carolina game -- Darby Kate stayed with my parents (thanks Bebe and Pappa!) and Jorgia went to Fayetteville with us. We had a great time! It's always fun to go hang out with good friends and see a great game! The weather was beautiful! I was thinking that we would get to see the leaves changing, but they had already fallen. Bummer. We got a great report on Darby Kate's behavior (always a plus!) She had fun going to the Battle of the Ravine, and dancing the night away at an alumni party!!

We were able to go to dinner to celebrate Dixie and Trevor's b-day -- we had a great meal and came home to BOTH girls being in bed!! This was a little surprising to me, a)Darby Kate had not been letting anyone except for us, Babe, and Bebe put her to bed lately. b) Jorgia does NOT love a bottle -- so I figured she would just wait it out until we got home. SO -- that was why I was shocked when we got home and Miss had no little ones in her lap. Thanks, Miss -- you're a lifesaver!!

Hunting season is here in full force!! Trevor LOVES (and that's putting it lightly) to hunt. His actual b-day was spent at the camp/farm. There are not too many other places he would rather be (or so it seems) :) They had a family cookout the night before opening gun season. The kiddos ran around and had a blast! Darby Kate thought she was big stuff. She found a little girl that is closer in age to 3 -- and they had so much fun running and squealing. I cannot believe how big she is, I can't explain how my heart feels when I see her doing all her big girl stuff. It's a happiness that's overwhelming, but at the same time, my heart aches because she is growing up so fast. You know what I mean? Jorgia enjoyed the evening as well -- her food supply was right there with her. :)

I've had a few Calgon moments/days. Darby Kate really tests us at times. She acts up the most when she is tired, hungry, or I'm feeding Jorgia. She can be sooooooooooo sweet, but when she is ready to test the waters -- WATCH OUT!!! She lets out the Miss Priss Pot, and screaming, and tantrums!!

My parents came to stay with us one night when Trev was on a hunting adventure. We had fun hanging out and playing with the girls. On the day that Jorgia was Christened, Mom also taught our Sunday School class. We are covering a book on relationships -- a subject she researched and taught for over 30 years. I knew she would perfect to present the material, and luckily she accepted the challenge. She has also agreed to come back each Sunday while we are studying this book! Yeah!!

The Christening was very special. BUT, Miss Jorgia did not feel well -- things started going south during Sunday School. We haven't even had to get her out of her carrier at this point while at church. BUT on that day -- she was fittin' up a storm. Nothing I did could sooth her. We had even already dosed her up a couple of times with gas drops. I tried feeding her, etc. Bless her little heart. It was pretty rough even while she was getting her little head sprinkled (which didn't make her any happier) :) I just feel so blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive family and church family to help us raise this beautiful baby in a Christian environment. We had our families over for lunch after the ceremony -- thanks everyone for making that day so special! (oh yeah -- pictures from that day will have to be added later -- my camera was M.I.A. -- just something else to add to the stress!!)

Another major event that keeps me busy on a daily basis: our new house. I haven't blogged about it too much, but things are happening at a rapid rate (or somewhat rapid........) We are HOPING to be in by Christmas........we shall see. We are very excited and can't wait to get in!! Come see us!! :)

The beautiful flowers that Trev sent me on a "Calgon" day

Jorgia was enjoying the tailgating

One of Trev's fraternity brothers, Brandon.

Ray and Trev

Chris, Ray, and Trev

Ray and Michelle's super-cutie -- Evan

Darbs loves to cook these days. She likes to get her stool and go to work.
Here she is making a salad.

She also LOVES to "wash" the dishes. That won't last long, huh?

This baby girl LOVES the swing. Some days she will stay in for 3 or 4 hours. This is crazy to me, because Darbs would never do that. Most of the time I get her out after 3 or 4 hours because I just don't know about that.....staying in the swing for that long. One day I may see just how long she would stay in there........

My little runner.......

Once again, in the swing as happy as can be!

I had Darbs decorate the paper we used to wrap Babe's b-day present. What an adventure!!!

the finished product -- yes, she helped wrap, too!!

Here she is at the farm in her farm-girl wear

Jorgia was wearing her camo-overalls - too cute!

Do you like the cake I made, I mean -- had made for Trev? I thought it was appropriate for the occasion and venue.


  1. The best ever! Cute to the max! The narative is excellent also, I admire your style and commitment to writing about your family. Love Dud.

  2. The pictures are just too cute! DK and JC are so precious, and seeing them in these pictures just makes me want to hug them right now! We are so blessed! Thanks for the wonderful blog.

    Mom (Bebe)