Thursday, December 10, 2009

15 Weeks!!

"It's the most wonderful time of the year.........." -- here we are folks -- Christmas time's a comin'!!! I really can't believe we are halfway through December -- CRAZINESS!! I wish I could say that I'm finished with my Christmas shopping, the gifts are wrapped, yada yada yada -- but that's so far from the truth it's pitiful! We have in our minds the things we are going for -- we just have to get out there and get it! We have been staying busy with house prepping activities, parties, meetings, etc. The shopping time has been fairly limited. I think one good afternoon/evening will get it done (plus possibly a few online purchases as well). Online shopping is a good thing for a mama with two little ones. Although -- I really like seeing things in person much better! Retailers can make just about anything look good online -- it can be a different story once you get it home.

The 15th week of Jorgia's life was a little challenging. Trev was out of town hunting starting on Wednesday night. We braved it at home by ourselves one night -- other than lack of sleep -- things were fine. Mom was coming to stay with us Thursday night, and thank goodness she did! I came down with the stomach bug with a vengeance! YUCK! That thing is going rampant through Hope. I have heard of a ton of people that have had it recently. No fun, no fun at all. Fortunately, it was short-lived. The next day was pretty much a blah, do nothing day. Saturday, I was determined to get THE picture for the Christmas card. The photo session that day convinced me that a) I'm not a photographer, and b) I need to go to a photographer next time!! We were able to get a few decent shots -- the ones I included on here were before Miss Jorgia had eaten -- she didn't have too many smiles!

Another milestone was met this week -- Jorgia rolled over from her back to her belly!! She has only done this once that we know of, but Trev and I both witnessed it! She is getting so strong, and loves to stand up while supported. She will be walking before we know it!!

Darby Kate is a spicy little thing -- I'm starting with the spice part because as I am typing this she is screaming her head off throwing a temper tantrum with "Miss". This age is very challenging -- the discipline part is especially difficult. I have mixed emotions about spankings. Trevor is convinced they work. I don't see what good it does to do something like spank after a child has acted up -- especially if they have just hit someone. They hit someone so you "hit" them back -- what is that teaching? Also, they say not to do it when you're angry, which is typically right when the incident has happened; but yet you are suppose to the address the situation ASAP. SO confusing and conflicting. What to do, what to do. I am definitely not the perfect parent. Far from it. I have so much to learn and improve on. My patience wears thin and I react in ways I shouldn't. I hope and pray that she ends up sweet and kind. But, if her behavior now is any indication............we might be in trouble!! :)

Gotta go for now -- situation is OOC (out of control) with Miss Darbs -- say a prayer for ALL of us!!

Jorgia had had enough for the moment -- feed me mama!!

Darby Kate and Papa watching a football game

I came back to our room to find Darbs and Pep bonding

I have a friend who says I can't take a picture without the head tilt......

We attended the annual Christmas parade.......I told Dennis when I took this picture that he would be on the blog!
Darby Kate enjoyed watching all the participants
Little Jorgia was bundled up tight!
This man in the little car stopped for a photo op
She even picked up a few pieces of candy (most of which she couldn't eat -- choking hazards!)

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