Thursday, December 10, 2009

3 Months Old!!

I wanted to have a post with pictures from Jorgia's exact three-month b-day. The pictures are not great, but they document how she looked on her for-real three-month birthday! She is such a sweet and pleasant baby. She is smiling so much these days. She watches everyone, and especially loves to watch Darby Kate. We have heard several really big laughs - which cracks me up. It amazes me to think she is doing these things when I think.........she is 3 little months old. I love to watch her little eyes light up and eyebrows raise at what we consider the simple things in life. Really things that we rarely acknowledge -- little movements here and there, a fan, colors, responding to facial expressions. I am just truly enjoying watching her grow and develop. The days of just hanging out quietly in church are over. She wants to stand up and listen during Sunday School. And if we don't watch it -- she would just chat away during church.

I had mentioned before that she had given us a couple of 11-12 hour nights. That was a BIG tease!! (very funny, Miss Jorgia!) Here of late she has been consistently getting up any where from 12 to 2, and then again from 4 to 6. (I don't mean she stays up that long -- just in those time frames). She usually is up around 30 minutes and then goes back down. I'm not sure what or if we did anything differently for Darbs, but DK was sleeping through the night around at 8 weeks!! I know, I know -- all babies are different. Oh well, she is so sweet that I don't mind (not to say that I don't get a little grouchy after lack of sleep for several days..........) It's just that timing is not always my friend. Darby Kate often wakes up right after I feed Jorgia that second time, so that's the end of my sleep for that night!! I just try and convince myself that I will have plenty of time to sleep later in life.........

Hope you enjoy the pics!

DK was helping Daddy rake the yard. I think here she was taking some pine needles from the big pile over to the freshly raked area!!

Trev hard at work

we were going to see one of Trev's friends from high school - say, "CHEESE!!!!!"

sweet, sweet baby Jorgia
no big smiles that night!
DK was helping hold the sign :)

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