Thursday, April 29, 2010

8 Months Old!!

Spice is 8 months old!!! Can you believe it? I certainly cannot. I know I sound like a broken record, but time continues to fly!! What is this little lovebug up to? BIG NEWS: she is crawling!! This little one has added a whole new dimension to each of our lives. She is crawling here, there and everywhere. She sees something she is interested in -- she goes after it! She is talking!! She babbles up a storm, but for sure has said "Dada" and makes great efforts to say "Dah" (dog) -- she is looking at Pep or Lucy when she says that. She has eaten rice cereal, wheat cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, green beans, peas, and avocado (and yes, in that order). And soon to have those yummy fruits! She is eating much better -- at first, we got a lot of tongue action and trying to grab the spoon. Now she makes a happy plate almost every time! In the sleep category.......we have had our ups and downs (literally). Recently, she is doing much better and sleeps through most nights. She has a tendency to wake up early on the mornings Mommy does NOT have to get up early and sleep late on the mornings I do have to get up early (what in the world?) :)

She loves her big sis soooooooooooo much! When she sees Sugar, her little eyes light up and she squeals with delight! Sugar can make her have the biggest and sweetest sounding laughs. She is letting me know much more often that she does not like for me to walk out of the room. She lets Sugar tug on her, sit on her, pull her in the wagon (a little on the rough side) with little or no fussing. She still enjoys being swaddled. She is not yet pulling up, but I have a feeling we are not far away.

She loves to grab and pull on everything. She is really studying how to wave "bye-bye". She has the chunkiest monkiest legs you've ever seen (will have to post a pic of those). She is and always will be a pure joy--WE LOVE YOU, SWEET SPICE!!!

This is her trademark move -- tongue out and to the left. She does it all the time -- too cute!
all of these pictures were taken on her exact 8 month b-day (I still need to do her "sign pic")

What a sweetheart!


  1. Don't let this out, but your girls have Papa wrapped! :) Dud

  2. Sweet, sweet little girls! I am so proud to be their Bebe--thanks, DK and JC Coffee!