Thursday, May 20, 2010

38 Weeks!!

Jorgia gave me a little scare this week. She has pretty much stopped spitting up. No more burping her, she just eats her little food and drinks her milk and she's good. Well, the other day I was headed out the door and I stopped by to tell her bye-bye (DK was napping). Miss was feeding her baby food while she was sitting in her Bumbo. Right as I was turning to walk out -- I saw green projectile vomit (sorry to be so detailed) leaving her little mouth. And then she did it again! She grinned and giggled right afterward, but I thought it was very strange and began to worry. We decided to keep an eye on her. That night, Trevor fed her her baby food, mommy took care of the milk -- and she was fine. Slept through the night with no problem at all. The next morning while I was feeding her -- AGAIN -- projectile all over me and her!! It really worried me --so, I called Dr. D's office. After I told the front desk person the situation, she said she would call me back with what Dr. D. said. Dr. D. encouraged us to make sure she was hydrated (he recommended Pedialyte -- at least 3 times). Well, he had spoken to Trevor at the time, and what he meant was 3 pedialyte feedings INSTEAD of nursing. Another slight complication to this is that Jorgia STILL does not take a sippy or bottle very well from us AT ALL!! SO, needless to say, I was nursing along with whatever pedialyte we could get her to take. She was fine. No more incidences. Now, I'm not sure how much the pedialyte played a roll in all that..........I'm just glad she has been fine. That little mess -- had her mama worried to pieces!! I was at times attributing it to reflux b/c of all the new food she has been trying lately. I don't know. I, of course, think most severe first -- then go backwards from there. The next couple of days she had HUGE blowouts. So, maybe her pipes were just all clogged up. I'm not sure -- I'm just glad she is A-okay now! :)

We have been swimming in our pool this week and we are loving it!! Darby Kate is having so much fun, Jorgia is getting more and more use to it, and I am totally loving our Fastlane. If you have ever heard of an endless pool, the fastlane is just like it, but you can install it in a regular pool. It's a great way to train for open water swims, too -- which definitely comes in handy for me.

Which leads me to my next little tidbit. This past weekend I participated in the Four States Triathlon in Texarkana. It was a fun race -- I had actually done this same race in 2000 (I can't believe it's been 10 years!!). Coak (my swim coach) came down and stayed with us Saturday night, and he and I rode over there together. Trev was in charge of getting himself AND the two girls over there. While I was setting up in the transition area, I took a minute to call Trevor to see how things were going. No answer. Before the race was about to begin, I searched the beach area for Trev and the girls and didn't see them. I was a little nervous, but I figured he was busy, busy getting them to the lake. After I got out of the water -- there they were! They made it!! DK was still in her "bones" jammies -- so, I knew he must have been pushing it to get them there. The next time I saw them, DK was dressed and even had two butterfly barrettes in her hair. Way to go DADDY!! It made all the difference in the world to have them there for support. The postrace party was good, too. Yummy food, fun music -- we had a good time!!

Sweet Jorgia
this girl LOVES her Popsicles

this is what she did when I asked her to make a silly face

good to the very last drop!

fun times at the pool!

notice the toenails -- she insisted upon the red color -- right, Babe?

-now, that must have been a good show!?!

Coak won his age group -- way to go Coak!


  1. The girls are just precious! I cannot believe how big they are! Congrats on your tri...that is inspiring and depressing (inspiring that you train and do triathlons with 2 kids; depressing that I don't!). Keep it up girlie!

  2. Love these blog updates with photos! Precious pictures, as usual! Keep them coming, Jo!

    Bebe (Mom)

  3. Goooooooooooo Jodi! You rock girl. I haven't forgotten about tris... It has been a crazy couple of months... kidney stones and traveling so I really haven't done much training. Trying to get back into the swing of things.

    Your two little girls are so dang adorable. I know they are a constant source of joy and entertainment.

    Hugs, KMO

  4. Hi Jodi, great post, lovely family! We'd love to see you post some Fastlane shots to our Facebook page: Have a wonderful Summer