Thursday, March 17, 2011


Happy St. Paddy's Day!!! I've got my girls decked out in their green -- that includes Miss Lola. (I LOOK like a green watermelon!!) No pinching these Coffee girls! This week has been busy as ever. The daily routine takes us to 8:00 or 8:30 in the evening when Trevor and I just look at each other as we collapse into our seats in the family room........where did the day go?!? I really thought DK was coming down with something last night when she actually told us she didn't want a "dance party" (will have to catch you up on that little ritual some other time), and that she was ready for bed. Jorgia wasn't as ready, but ready or not -- to bed they went by 8:00!!

The last two nights, Darby Kate has entered our room in the wee hours of the morning.......the first one, I was barely aware of the world and just let her crawl into bed. With much regret soon....only because she left me what felt to be a six inch space for this BIG MAMA body to sleep. AND grinded her teeth terribly. AND cried out several times. AND........ok, so I did enjoy the occasional snuggle time -- but, this girl needs a little better sleep!! SO -- when she came in this morning, I referred her to Daddy, and off they went (yes, with a little protest that tugged on my heartstrings!). Impressively enough, Trevor returned in about 15 minutes (that's a roughly estimated time.......he may tell differently) with no DK. He got that girl settled and back in bed with no more tears!! Way to go, Daddy!!! I knew he would be especially great with this episode because it was a "monster" one......Daddy's always know how to defend those nighttime monsters!

Miss Jorgia......that little mess and a half!! She is into anything and everything she can possibly get her hands on! She is full time entertainment! These past couple of nights, I've relied on the fact (and hopes) that I can hear her through the walls of this house. She has taken her monitor somewhere and I canNOT find it!! I can usually ask her where stuff is and she can tell me.......she's not wanting to let me in on this little secret -- that little tooterbug!! She loves her some Darby Kate. In the mornings, if she is the first to wake -- she comes out of her room and says, "Dar darrrrrrrrrrr". They usually give each other a great big hug and sugars when they first see each other. Now, don't get me wrong. They definitely have their disagreements. Jorgia has found this high pitch scream to be a great defense mechanism when DK takes something away from her. It can vibrate your ear drums like no other! She's going to be a tough little cookie!

Wish I had more time for updates, but gotta run! A few pics below from this week.......(unfortunately, not edited as I like to do.......but, if I don't go ahead and post these -- well, you know the story!)

Chef Papa
a DELICIOUS homemade pizza -- yummo!!!

This is super-silly week at DK's school. First, backwards day.......

Look at this face! She was eating her oatmeal (they love it....mommy -- not so much!)

Tie-Die Day

Favorite Team Day (Go Hogs Go!!)

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