Friday, September 2, 2011


Had a few, I thought I would upload more beach pictures!  This new way of uploading pictures is definitely better -- but for now -- it's not really any faster for me.  I have to sit here and manually make sure each one gets uploaded.  It's hard to explain, but basically it freezes up each time you leave it in that whirly bird position.  SO,  I have to hit browse so that the little spinning things will spin.  Then cancel.  When it shows another picture has loaded, I hit browse again.  It's still time consuming, but it gets the job done.  I will be SO glad when I can load as many pictures as my heart desires, and walk off!!

Who's ready for some football????!!!???  I can't believe it's that time of year already!!  GO HOGS!!  :)

 Sweet Bean and Babe

 Love this one of T and the SIL

 Sand art.....

 Everyone say CHEEEEEESE!!

our silly Spice!

 best of friends!!

 my little beauty....

 sweet sisters

one of my favorites....
 I've never liked my freckles.  I try to protect Sugar's skin as much as I can.....but, I think she wears them pretty well!!

 Miss Shaylene was the hairdresser for the week -- thanks so much!!  (mommy sure doesn't know how to do fancy hair!!)

 if you look closely, her face is covered in sand.  yes, she did a face plant about five minutes out -- we just dusted off best we could and went with it!!  :)

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