Thursday, September 8, 2011

Uninvited Guest!

I've been super lazy with my blog titles lately.  As in -- not doing them at all.  I'm going back and forth as to whether or not I want to go that route again....but, I guess for now I will.  I don't feel as though I'm creative enough to come up with a different title for each occasion.  Is that silly?  So, I thought dating the posts would suffice.  THEN, I started getting deeper in the delves of the blogging world and decided that I needed to give people a hint perhaps as to what I would be rambling about for the day.  Anyway -- whatever the case -- I'll try it for now!

Our uninvited guest is pictured below. 

YES -- it was a SNAKE!!!!  And guess who found it?  Me, myself and I!!  For that I'm grateful.  Seriously.  One of my girls could have been in grave danger had it not been me finding it.  So, for really real -- I'm glad it was me. 

We were at home for Labor Day weekend.  Monday afternoon we had planned on swimming and hanging out onto the patio, getting some good outdoor play time.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous.  There had been some heavy winds earlier that weekend, and our pool had gotten "stopped up" from all the leaves and pine needles.  I had to do a little maintenance work before we could swim, so I thought it might be fun to play a little Baggo.  I was asking The Hubs had to get in the Baggo case, taking my sweet time carrying it from the patio to the grass.  Plopped it in the grass, undid the latches.........and then jumped back about ten feet (give or take a few feet!)  :)  

This dude was staring back at me!  YIKES!  I said! (or something like that........)  I ran over to where the Hubs was lounging.  He thought I was being ultra dramatic over an 8-legged-creepy-crawly-thing I don't like to talk about.  NO -- it's a SNAKE!!!!  I actually like snakes more than the creepy crawly things listed above, BUT, this one caught me off-guard.  I'm scrambling around trying to find my phone so that I can send a picture to my brother the biologist.  The Hubs is scrambling around trying to find a shovel to behead the thing.  The girls are squealing....basically based on our reactions.  Let's just say -- there was some excitement at The Coffee House

The snake decided to exit it's previously safe quarters of the Baggo game and Trevor was not interested in finding out whether or not he was, as one of Sugar's favorite movies these days says...."OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!" 

After several texts back and forth to my brother, it was decided that we had an Agkistrodon piscivorus on our hands.  Yeah, me too.  WHAT?!?  Seriously, brother dear -- yes, I'm a biology major.  Yes, I took herpetology.  BUT, more than that --'s been a looooooooooong time!!  

We are talking COTTONMOUTH people!!  AKA WATER MOCCASIN!!! Whatever you want to call it -- it's poisonous!!!  And it was hanging out with us on our patio! 

Needless to say -- the Hubs took care of it.  But we were left with the chills to run down our spines from the thoughts of IF one of our girls would have found it........
Not. good.

Other than that......
it was a great day!

Hope you had a great Labor Day, too!

pretty vicious looking don't you think?

 And the results of a couple of hours of swimming.......

just when I thought Sugar had outgrown the Bumbo.......ha!

 Bean enjoyed a little outdoor snooze

Pepper joined right always!

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