Saturday, December 1, 2012

Blogging on the go

I HAD to do my first Blog-on-the-go because A) my sister-in-law just told me how to do it, and B) I couldn't wait to see if my images would upload faster!

We have had a great Thanksgiving/Christmas Parade/Birthday Party weekend! More pics to follow!!

(**addendum: I used the Blogger App on my phone to make this post. Love that I was able to make a quick post, but was unable to write captions for the photos. Only until I opened the post on my home computer was I able to make those changes. I also LOVED how quickly my photos uploaded!!)

These little cuties enjoyed riding the Dart train to the parade

Cousins. They want to do many things together AND alike (note: same hair)

Sugar hugged up to Daddy

these guys are running buddies, too

the best seat in the house...

a serious look, once Santa was spotted

Kris Kringle in the flesh!!


  1. Adorable family! And what a great Santa/sleigh...Santa in the Fayetteville Christmas parade was pulled on a flatbed truck by Ronald McDonald & the Hamburgler...wrong on so many levels.

    1. Thanks, Talya! Too funny -- they pull all the stops when it comes to those hometown parades! Gotta love it!

  2. What beautiful children! 'Love the matching hair! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Thanks so much! They are two peas in a pod when they get together! :)