Friday, April 5, 2013

Over the river and through the.....MOUNTAINS



I trapped myself in a blogging corner AGAIN!

I actually put "Up Next: Day 2" at the end of my last post, and because I KNEW that had to be my next post, and I KNEW it would require more than 12-20 minutes -- I have avoided blogging... AGAIN!


So -- here I am, OVER a month has past -- and now I will be determined to ATTEMPT to accurately recall our ski trip.

Good luck with that one.

My last post, for the first time EVER since I've been blogging, actually inspired a comment from Hot Coffee.

I was kind of excited when he told me what he was doing. He was over in his chair one evening just a textin' away.

I was excited UNTIL he told me in what way he was responding.

He was DEBATING some of the facts in my story from the first day of our trip!!

GREAT, Babe!! So glad the ONE time you are going to respond -- it's to "defend" yourself/tell me I was WRONG about something!!

Fortunately, he couldn't get past the thing-a-ma-jiggy that makes read the funky letters and numbers and type them HA!

AND -- as my daddy always says about his stories,  "if it ain't true -- it oughtta be"!!

Okay. (you know I love ya, babe!!)

Back to business...

Day 2:

Since it's been so long since my last post -- feel free to glance back to Day 1 for a little refresher. (things may make more since that way....)

Day 2 started a little later than planned, as we had stayed up to the wee hours of the morning.

The girls LOVE to eat the continental breakfast when we stay somewhere that provides it. SO -- we headed downstairs to enjoy all the cereal, bagels, waffles, yogurt, fruit, etc. we could stand.

We had over half of the trip out of the way. And from what I can remember, things were fairly uneventful (a GOOD thing when traveling).

No, Sugar did not borrow Bean's paci -- it's a RING POP!!

We were approaching the mountain, and we began to wonder if we made the right decision in NOT bringing a vehicle that was a four-wheel drive.

The ice and snow covered the road. Nerves were high. The Hubs' knuckles were white...


We were fortunate enough to fall right behind the snow plow!!

God was definitely watching over us!!

I was able to focus on the scenery.

It was absolutely BREATHTAKING!! (, the photo doesn't really do it justice, but it's what my phone captured as we were first approaching the mountains. and this is the real deal, folks. memories.)

The snow-capped mountains, the snow-covered trees...


We arrived at our destination safe and sound!!

The girls were so excited to see everything (let alone get OUT of the car) and so were we!

The cabin was just perfect AND right outside our patio...

DEER and DUCKS just hung out waiting for you to feed them! (the girls LOVED this. the deer LOVED our pita chips!)

And I must say -- skiing is fun, but it is INVOLVED!!

After a day of traveling, we then hurried over to the ski rental shop, rented equipment, bought helmets and goggles. Ran over to the ski range -- rented the equipment for the kiddos and arranged for lessons. WHEW!!

We were very glad to meet up with all of our crew, have dinner, and head to the room for some much needed R 'n R!

We had all of our ski stuff somewhat "together". It was in the same room, in two different plastic bins.

SURELY an hour and a half was PLENTY of time to get up and ready for the first lesson of the day at 8:30am. (keep in mind the ski resort was a mere 3-5 minute drive...)


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